Music Services 

We are here to build long lasting relationships and make your visual project process as seamless and stress free as much as possible. Need information or have a question about Licensing fees, Rights of Use, Advise on suggestions for your projects? Call us, Email us, Instant Messenger.

How Do I Get To Use Your Music ?

It’s easy to gain access to our Search and Download website, where you can search our entire catalog by specifics and download your choices. Access our library on  http://musicblvdlibrary.com and click on register. Fill out the short form, we approve your account, and there you have it! Your access to the Blvd is approved!.. Or, you can simply give us a call at 323-552-9071.

Licensing Fees

Here at Music Blvd, we pride ourselves in offering extremely reasonable fees. Please email licensing@musicblvdgroup.com to get a custom quote that’s within your budget. Call or email us today.


How Current is Your Library?

Our library is one of the most versatile and diverse library in the Industry. Music Blvd has a constant flow of new releases. More releases than some libraries have in their entire collection. We produce majority of our content, which makes them fresh and new to the market so you won’t have heard them on other projects. Got your creative juices flowing and in need a spanking new track? We’ll create it! Remember, we are also a music production company. We can create anything under the sun here at the BLVD! Contact us at licensing@musicblvdgroup.comto get started.

How do I change my password?

Click on the Profile link in the top right corner, then click on edit. Here you will be able to update your password and other person contact information.

How do I create a Playlist?

Simple! Simply highlight your song options and click “add to playlist”. You can add to an existing or new playlist.

How do I share a song with someone?

Very simple! Simply go to the song, click on “Email Song”, enter the recipient’s email address, enter a message, and click send!

How do i create my Cue Sheet?

Simply click on the cue sheet icon and download per song, album, or playlist.


How do i get more details about a song/track?

Simply click on the “info” link on each song. If gives you all the details you need per song. This also includes the lyrics to the song.


For further questions or assistance, please give us a call at (323)-552-9071, send us an email, or click on the chat now button at the bottom of the page to speak to someone immediately.